Tuesday, 5 December 2017

Here's how prefabricated houses can benefit India, if done well

Bringing new methods into prefab housing in India might be troublesome yet, it can convey reliable quality as well as quantity, if done well. 

We are well- aware of the negative parts of mass delivered lodging or prefab homes, encapsulated by the tasteless post-war prefabs. In any case, with present day strategies for development, it is coherent that building homes from bigger segment parts that have been created in processing plants and opening in when required can produce time and cost funds.

Off site techniques for development have just been utilized as a part of the development of new healing centers for various years, bringing about structures that are more supportable, agreeable and have more prominent life span. 

Notwithstanding, the test in lodging, where a huge number of structures could conceivably be created, lies in scaling up volumes to accomplish foreseen funds while keeping up the scrupulousness important to manage quality benchmarks. This is the reason past endeavors have slowed down – for example, with the issues of 1960's framework construct or 1980's timber outline – as equipping to convey an inventive item in volume requires the utilization of cutting edge producing systems which are not generally regular in Indian house building. 

Regardless of current strategies for development, there will obviously still be some disgrace joined to a prefab lodging, recommending an inferior item intended for a shorter life than stone work. In the meantime, bespoke made properties can pull in a premium. 

It is additionally intriguing to take note of that a large number of the already manufactured prefabs homes are presently esteemed and their occupiers are hesitant to leave in spite of poor protection and general decay of the segments that have survived long after their plan life. This is incompletely down to space and inside pleasantries at the same time, whatever the reason, great plan is indispensable. 

Other than amazing diminishments in vitality charges, mass created lodging can offer a scope of advantages: 

•Faster development and a speedier degree of profitability. Secluded development can diminish the general fulfillment plan by as much as half. 

•Indoor development. Get together is free of climate, which expands work proficiency and maintains a strategic distance from harmed assembling material. 

•Low squander. With similar plans being always fabricated, the maker has records of precisely what amount of materials is required for a given employment. While squander from a site-manufactured staying may ordinarily fill a few huge skips, development of a secluded abiding produces substantially less waste. 

•An earth agreeable development process. Measured development diminishes waste and site aggravation contrasted with site-manufactured structures. 

•Flexibility. Ordinary structures can be hard to expand. 

•Healthier fabricates. Since secluded homes are worked in a plant, the materials are put away inside in a controlled domain, taking out the danger of form, mold, rust, and sun harm that can frequently prompt human respiratory issues. 

By the by, support and repair of such properties can here and there be more perplexing and exorbitant. Stone work dividers are of a uniform bearing limit and a rack or kitchen cupboard can be settled exactly where it is required. In any case, with a secluded or timber built property, fixings should be made to the auxiliary, stack bearing components of a divider. The vitality productivity and climate snugness of a secluded home can likewise be bargained by puncturing the films inside boards, for instance penetrating through a board can make a gap in the internal materials. 

Maybe the best relationship is to take a gander at the engine business where developments have a tendency to be brought first into premium items and as the innovation is demonstrated and better comprehended it is bit by bit brought into bring down evaluated models. 

The switch procedure appears to apply to lodging; another innovation can spare cash so it goes from model to high volume creation with deficient consideration regarding arranging generation, outlining new procedures and upskilling the work drive. Constraining the pace of advancement through money related motivators for ease lodging dangers rehashing past blunders and losing the chance to change the ways of manufactured homes.

Thursday, 2 November 2017

Is prefab homing the right choice for homing in India?

Dicey question, ain't it? Well, as you must've seen on TV or, in reality, prefabricated homes are mostly seen abroad- not really in India. However, it shall be great if we increased the number from 100's to several more prefab homes due to multiple reasons other than its affordability.

Every state, city, district in India can have prefab homes. However, there are some which must set up eco- friendly homes. Therefore, here's a list of areas in India in ascending order which must set up prefab structures right away:

Champion Prefabs - Prefab Homes in Indiaq

1. Montane Region-

The montane region in India includes states like Jammu & Kashmir, Arunachal Pradesh and Sikkim too. These regions in India are meant for prefabricated homes- they can set up wooden homes which shall provide them with a lot of benefits like:

Log homes or wooden homes shall help the house store carbon meaning, trees and wood items have a one of a kind capacity to store carbon. As trees develop, they ingest carbon dioxide. At the point when the trees are reasonably reaped and used to make wood items, the carbon remains put away in the wood for the life of the item. Around half of the dry weight of wood is carbon

Wooden homes also prevent major fires. As you know, in the hill regions, there are a lot of bonfires which take place every now and then. You'll be free from burning down your house and enjoy the perks of owning a wooden house because of its temperature control- the house shall ensure the insides temperature to be as neutral as possible. Did you know, an insulator wood is 15 times better than masonry and concrete, 400 times better than steel, and 1,770 times better than aluminum!

Log cabins keep the environment clean and elegant. Also, an old tree is cut down with a great purpose in mind and a new tree is planted too, leading to a 100% increase in oxygen rates!

Moreover, wooden houses in India shall increase the employment opportunities, affordability in building homes, uniqueness and shall save up immense amount of space! Therefore, everyone can live with roofs above their heads!

2. Humid Sub- Tropical Region-

This is a tough one- however, when it comes to areas like Manali, etc., wooden homes, prefab cottages, can be built. Container homes are just the right choice to be made for commercial purpose. Here's why it's just the right choice:

Wood as a maerial shall maintain the temperature of the house at all times
Wood is readily available as it's a renewable resource

Container homes or, structures can be set up for small scale businesses or on check- posts, etc. which are easy to build as well as affordable

Both wooden and container houses are cozy, cost- effective and suitable for this area

3. Tropical Wet and Dry Region-

Cities like Ooty, Coimbatore, Hyderabad, Vijayawada, Bangalore, Mysore, Mumbai etc. comprise of this region with all kinds of prefab housing possible like:

Wooden homes, as mentioned above shall maintain the temperature of the house

With regard to aluminum wooden prefab homes, they shall keep the house corrosion- resistant, cost- effective and elegant!

Container homes are perfect for commercial use or for purposes like e- toilets etc. which gives room for the individuals to use effectively and save up on space as well

4. Tropical Wet Region-

Areas like Kerala, parts of Karnataka, Lakshadweep Islands, Goa come under this bracket and guess what, the right option is definitely container homes, wooden homes or, aluminum wooden villas. Here are its benefits:

Try out materials like aluminum corrosion resistant material and build yourself an aluminum prefab house because of its resistance to water. Tropical wet regions are high on rainfall, making it your best option to own a safe, secure, eco- friendly prefab house in India.

You can also opt for aluminum doors and windows. This shall give your house a very elegant look especially, when you're setting up a wooden house

When it comes to wooden homes with aluminum interiors, the benefit is that wooden homes are easy to repair and do not get damaged as easily as brick homes, for instance

Wood as a material is safe, biodegradable and versatile. So, why not combine it with aluminum and set up a wonderful prefabricated aluminum wooden villa?

5. Semi- Arid & Arid Regions-

Areas like Gujarat, Rajasthan etc. comes under this bracket wherein, wooden homes are just the right choice people living here can make. Or, you can always opt for aluminum wood villas as:

Property prices are low here due to the Gujarat earthquake which took place in the recent past. Investors can buy property and set up prefab wooden homes or, aluminum wood villas which shall not only give them great returns but, set their standards in such posh states!

The temperature control which brick homes are still not being able to achieve can be achieved with the help of wooden homes due to the insulation quality of wood

Maintenance cost is zero, making it easy for dry regions like these to maintain their houses
Container house is a good choice one can make with regard to homes if they have great insulators like a rain- water harvest on the roof and so much more, keeping the house cozy and fun to live in
Commercial use of containers is getting vast and it begun from Gujarat at first!

Please take note- prefab homes are a must for all areas to start working on. There are several homeless individuals across the country who cannot afford to own a house.

Help yourself and other with regard to property availability, affordability, accessibility, etc. and make India a sustainable country.

Take little steps towards success this way and you'll very soon be a major contributor just by switching to eco- friendly homes in India.

In the end, yes, prefab homing is the right choice for homing in India!

Save money, save time, save resources- Right Away!

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Sunday, 1 October 2017

Top 10 Things Your Prefab Home Should Have Ever!

Wondering if this blog is a typical blog? Well, it's meant for you and only you. Wondering why? Well, whatever essentials are mentioned for your prefab home are not just affordable but, do not negatively affect the environment, making your home a green home!

Here are 10 things your prefabricated house must have to build the foundation of not just a beautiful home but, an essential one as well!

1. Napkins.

Sounds funny? Well, it ain't- even today, there are so many families which do now own napkins. Some stick with tissue paper but, what's the point of wasting paper when you can re- wash your napkins every now and then? Also, napkins are soft, soothing, less wasteful and add a homely finish to your eco- friendly home.

Pick out the best of colors and help your kids as well as the old ones the importance of this tiny yet, extremely essential invention!

2. Aluminum push pins.

This is a great reminding aid for not just the kids at school but, for working parents. Want to leave a reminder for your maid or, your kids want to leave a lovely painting of you- see it pinned up on the cork board with the push pins! More importantly, they prevent the walls of your prefab home from getting damaged. Also, they encourage kids to not spoil home property along with school!

3. Eco- friendly cleaning products.

You know how global warming is bumming us all out, right? Help the Earth by making use of eco- friendly cleaning products which are eco- friendly products like Puro's products, OXO Brite Non Chlorine Powder Bleach for the laundry.

4. Flannel and bedsheets.

Flannel sheets are not that important for tropical countries however, just in case you've got prefab homes in Bangalore, invest in one and enjoy the cuddly moments with your loved ones!

Bedsheets add an aesthetic finish to your home because, the moment you open the bedroom door, that's the first thing you see! Cover your lovely beds with the most beautiful bedsheets ever- opt for Ddécor, Bombay Dyeing and other brands.

5. Landing Pin.

What's it? It's the place near the entrance of your house where you leave essentials like keys, wastepaper basket, etc. The god part about this is that your house shall be less cluttered and you exactly know where you've left your belongings.

6. 3 lights in each room.

What's the logic behind it, you may ask- well, it's simple! It's to keep your house forever lit as well as adding lights to in each room, at each angle! Check out places like home center, IKEA and other brands in order to know more. 

7. Dimmers.

You might wonder that 3 lights are not enough for us- well, it's for your benefit. Dimmers help you not just shift light but, transform your prefab home drastically. Want to make your house turn out to be a beautiful space? Well, opt for dinners ( Preferably orange-ish!)

8. Vacuum cleaner.

Make cleaning convenient and hassle- free with vacuum cleaners. Yes, many tropical countries do not make use of vacuum cleaners but, you must! Also, it's the right way out to have a pet with the cleanest house.

9. Art.

Art can be in the form of flowers, paintings, etc. You can be the creator or, someone else can be- that's upto you! Not all of us understand art but, the ones who do, got for it. Else, opt for gardening- it's eco- friendly, fun and gives your home an old- school look which is lovely.

10. Table accessories.

It's inclusive of a lot of things like candles, crockery, etc. Remember one thing- if you have children who are young and fussy, go for silicon mats which act like plates, preventing any mess on your table and for a great meal! Candle- light dinners are the best for lovers, couples, anyone- makes the dinner table look royal, romantic and very homely.

There are other accessories too which you need like jars, dessert accessories etc. which you must make a purchase of.

Remember, you need a lot more things than these like a good water purifier, geysers, pans, etc. All you've got to do is, sit down, pen down all the things you need from day to night. Then, mark out things you already have. Viola! You have your list or required items and your budget too.

Friday, 1 September 2017

4 Types of prefabricated homes for every kind of person

Wondering whether prefab homes are meant for you to be living in or not? Well, have faith in prefab home builders- they have something or the other in store just for you!

The beauty of prefabricated houses, wooden homes, container homes or, any other prefab structure is that they can be customized, they're eco- conscious, flexible, budget- friendly and very unique once built.

Check out 4 types of prefab structures- who knows, this might be the right kind of home for you!

types of prefab homes

1. Eco- friendly prefab homes

Prefab structures are popular for this and it's a common theme of prefab building. There's minimal carbon footprint, almost 0% wastage and so many perks which you may enjoy. This house is just the right one for you if you have every wanted to live in eco- friendly homes at affordable rates with benefits like solar energy, rainwater tanks and so on.
You might find this model basic now but, when you see its seamless connection with nature, you'll see the highest level of sustainability and it stands out from other houses in a positive way!

2.The starter prefab homes

Couples planning on getting married, this is just the right option you must watch out for- you can start your home in different styles and needs with lovely prefab cabins, cottages, etc. Don't worry. They're affordable houses with no compromise on style- enjoy the verandahs, huge windows, lovely interiors etc. designed just by you!
These prefab structures range from 280-square-foot studio (bathroom and kitchen, included) to a 1,400-square-foot three-bedroom.
The perfect home starter budget awaits you!

3.The nature re- treat prefab homes

Want to get a solid home off the beaten path? Well, opt for this option of prefab housing with a cabin- like feeling and the comforts of modern lifestyle. This structure is sexy, functional and durable as well with a brilliant design. Live in sustainable homes like this and enjoy affordable living with huge windows, claustrophobic- free environment and so much more!

4. The avant- garde prefab homes

Do you know what avant- garde means? Well, it means new and experimental ideas in any field. These homes are a lovely extension to ourselves which are efficient and simple with detailed planning and creative ideas! All you need is a wonderful designer and your house shall be one of a kind!

There are other kinds of prefab homes too- the traditional kind- like, container homes, wooden homes, prefab cottages and so on which are also affordable, beautiful homes.

Live in prefab homes and encourage the idea of living in one as they're eco- friendly and affordable, saving up on time, money, resources and so on.

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Friday, 11 August 2017

5 ways to make your outdoor living spaces eco- friendly for your family

It’s not just the prefabricated homes you live in that make the difference to your mental health but, the outdoor living spaces to do so! It’s always a nice feeling to go out there and lead towards a positive change and improve the environment in your way and prevent disposal of harmful toxics just like that.

Here are 5 ways to ensure you the fact that you can make your outdoor living spaces eco- friendly for you and your family:

1. Pick up sustainable materials- Want to design your outdoor area? Well, why not go for sustainable items like wood, bamboo or, cork? It’s not just stylish but, it’s eco- friendly too. Most importantly, it’s reducing the usage of materials like bricks, stones, plastics, etc. while building your fence. Don’t worry- these sustainable materials can be very flexible and comes in a varied range of shapes, sizes, colors and more!

2. Repurpose and reuse- It’s hard to apply but, it’s so much fun- why not re- invent your old furniture, items etc. rather than, spending a huge amount on buying new furniture, wasting so many resources? Best part- it gives your house a nostalgic look, it make it look old- school and a house full of antiques in no time. 

3. Opt for energy-saving lighting- Lighting is a necessity in the generation we’re living in. It’s hard to compromise on it in spite of us knowing about it’s demerits like it emits carbon do oxide, has a short lifespan but, causes long- term damages. We’ve got a solution for you- make use of solar lighting in your outdoor living area, or, go for LED string lights and so on to give the best of effects and benefits to the environment as well as your unique eco- friendly home in Bangalore.

4. Embrace nature- Make enough room for flowers, trees, shrubs etc. to grow not just for your benefit or, for your house to look beautiful but, for minimizing the level of air pollutants! However, do stick to native species in order to help it survive for as long as they’re supposed to and the ones who don’t require much water!

5. Shade your very own outdoor haven- Have plenty of shade around your house as the sun today is giving out harmful UV radiations, leading to all kinds of cancers, sickness etc. Set up blinds, pretty curtains etc, in order to enjoy the sun, not face its harmful effects!

In a few simple green steps, you can now design a lovely, eco-friendly outdoor sanctuary your environment and your loved ones.

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Wednesday, 26 July 2017

Container homes- Then and now

Back in time, all people truly cared about was to build one of the most lavish homes and live in it. Then, one fine day, came container homes which were built from durable, stack-able, strong, movable, cut-able, modular and most importantly affordable container homes. Architects have built several containers down the line, meeting requirements like of schools, offices, apartments, artists' studios and so on wherein, they have been able to include swimming pools too!

Phillip C. Clark filed for a United States patent on November 23, 1987 described as "Method for converting one or more steel shipping containers into a habitable building at a building site and the product thereof". This patent was granted August 8, 1989 as patent 4854094. (Wikipedia) 

container homes also started being dissolved by the US Army for it's durability and reliability, keeping the things in it safe and secure and waterproof too!

Then, came the Gulf War in 1991 wherein, containers developed into a place where prisoners of war would be transported. Holes were cut out for ventilation and were also used as military shelters. They started adding sandbags to the walls of the shipping container to create another layer of protection against grenades, guns and so on.

One of the most affordable container homes are shipped to North America from Asia- the ones coming from Europe were considered to be extremely expensive without any reason.
In fact, it's a great option to opt for shipping container homes in India rather than, opting for outsourcing used containers due to multiple defects like rust.

21st century container homes are dazzling today and considered to be the in- thing.

  • This is due to multiple reasons like:
  • affordability, time saving
  • efficient in nature
  • keeping customizations in mind
  • sustainable in nature
  • easy to build and more

Also, container houses have no limits- you build a school with it or, a restaurant or, swimming pools, there's no limit to what can be a part of container homes.

Unlike the olden times, container homes are now easy to maintain and are accepted by all at once! In fact, it's a great way to show your artistic side with the amazing customization or, variations you can create for your dream home. It can be of any size, built on any length and width of any property and so on in no time, at the most affordable rates.

Read: How to build a shipping container cabin?

Build yourself a container and let the world know it's history, t's benefits- don't worry- it won't be hot! All containers are well- insulated such that you won't even need an AC unless, you opt for a not-so-good builder.

Try out prefab homes builder like Champion Prefabs and feel the difference when you live in your home, not house.


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Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Container houses can be made using several shipping containers

It's been mentioned several times that a lot of times from clients, prospects, etc. feel that container homes are not only annoyingly expensive, they're not at all spacious! Also, they tend to assume that if they opt for building an affordable container home rather than a lavish house, it's going to be clumsy and extremely claustrophobic, letting go off comfort.

container homes

Well, it's all a big myth!

Following is probably the only way to ensure that this myth breaks- here's a project wherein, 8 shipping container homes were made use of to build a very comfortable, handsome yet, affordable container house!

To begin with, styles, the designs clients choose make a huge difference. It's a combination of combining architectural concepts with personal choices. Yes, a modern house can deliver spacious living rooms, bedrooms, etc. But, when you look at container homes, you'll feel the difference, what sets it apart from the rest.

It's not just the eco- friendly aspect of container houses- it's a lot more- the very look of containers give one a feeling of something unique, difference, already setting your home apart from the rest! In simple words, affordability + uniqueness = your eco- friendly home!

Don't worry, containers are just as any other homes- they too have room for huge windows, natural light, ample space for your kids to play around too!

Container homes can be just like other homes with regard to several aspects like the following which may concern you:

ventilation- Containers are definitely well- insulated as well as ventilated. In fact, architects design them such that your house is well- designed and not at all claustrophobic! 

aesthetic finish- Aesthetic finishes like unique container doors, exceptional décor designed by designers are so unique! They may or may not be made from container homes waste which is not just great, it's encouraging eco- friendly homes in Bangalore and other parts of India, world, etc. 
Social acceptance- They say, containers are meant to be public washrooms- who says so? Be the trend setter and save not only your money but, the environment as well!

There are several prefab home builders all across the globe- they can build you several kinds of prefabricated homes like wooden homes, kiosks, container homes, prefab cottages and more. However, one of the most recommended one is Champion Prefabs- it's the best in India and definitely a package of affordability, customization, quality and more.


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Sunday, 28 May 2017

How to build a shipping container cabin?

Shipping container homes are today's most eco- friendly homes all across the globe. But, there are so many people still wasting containers as they do not know how to build it. They either dump it someplace or, end up hiring a terrible engineer, ruining their dream homes.

Container homes are not that complicated to build if only, a certain process is followed. Here's a process which you can follow right away and build your home in no time:

Design your cabin: Before anything, sit down and think how you want your dream home- how lavish or, sober you want it. Planning your steel homes is the key. If you're building it yourself then, good luck because, to be on the safer side, it's a must for you to hire a prefab homes builder with an architect!

Consult an engineer: If you're building the container all by yourself, it's better if you do not cut down any walls, etc. instead, hire an engineer who's well- qualified and can keep your beautiful eco- friendly home in Bangalore steady and lovely. 

Purchase your container: There are 2 kinds of containers you can look out for on a broad level- used cargoes or, unused containers. Most eco- friendly homes in Bangalore are built using used cargoes and are very affordable. However, certain things had been kept in mind while looking out for the best shipping containers- 

*They must be rust- free
*Look out for any defects
*Manual inspection is “A MUST” and more

Build a steady foundation: IT can vary from a wooden one to  any other, based on your preferences, needs, designs and so on. Remember, your base is the crux of your container house and there should be no compromise on quality there.

Place and connect the containers well: If you're doing it all by yourself, you may be provided with a stipulated procedure which you must follow while placing and connecting your shipping container house. If not, your engineer, architect and contractor shall take care of everything. Also, add reinforcements.
Build a roof and cut out openings: You need a door, windows, a roof, etc. You have to cut out the openings by referring to your blueprint, take the dimensions well and, even have a closing medium like a gate or, a window, etc. However, the roof can be of nay material like wood, steel, etc., as per your taste.

Insulation and other tasks: Some of the other tasks in your container house shall include electrical fittings, the kitchen, the décor, and more. It's essential to keep your home well insulated with several insulation techniques which you can choose from.

This is just a synopsis of the huge process. Which is why, the most preferred option must be that of opting for a prefab home builder who can build your dream home for you in no time, at the most affordable rates.

Monday, 15 May 2017

Prefab Homes : A place for everything and everything in it's place

 We're all busy people or, workaholics or, just lazy humans. However, at the end of the day, we've all got to clean our mess up. Be it living in the most lavish not- so- eco- friendly- homes to the most eco- friendly homes- Prefabricated homes, container homes, etc., there are certain rules one has to keep in mind while de- cluttering your home!

Here are a few general principles which shall definitely be of use to you-

Why traumatize yourself in the middle of the night just to grab a little something and go back to bed? Instead of keeping all your stuff here and there or away from you that is so important and required immediately, opt for cabinets, bedside tables and more.

Things which are used once in a while like expensive chinaware or, seasonal clothing can be kept away rather than storing them along with the rest of your stuff and, making your organizational skills go hay- wire.

Try keeping things in a more organized, in one spot, when needed- for instance, take spoons or bowls, they can be kept together! Not only does it look lovely and organized, it saves up on a lot of your storage space as well.

Safety too is important irrespective of your age- Even today, people who are in their mid- forties tend to drop glasses from heights because they were 'unaware' of it's existence and ended up hurting themselves. So, why not store heavy or, damaging products in places where you can see and access them without breaking your head and the product as well!

Do you remember, “Please do not store in cool, dark and damp places” labels? The trend is still on- if you violate this rule, your entire house might end up getting those molds which is going to be so exhaustive to get rid of.

The above tips were general ones but, imagine this- you're living in a very restricted space. There are so many things to keep- furniture, clothes, cabinets, etc. Is it possible to it let go off any of your clothing and store it all easily?

Here are a few tips which shall help you deal with limited storage spaces-

It's all about creativity- there are so many new kinds of furniture out there- be it sofa- cum- beds or, shoe pockets, etc. It's affordable, space saving and adds something 'different' to your container homes!

Or, you can just cut down on unnecessary expenses- why not rent out air coolers and so on when needed? It won't cost you much and keep your house less cluttered!

Yes, as mentioned above, creativity is the key to building the ideal, spacious home! It'll do you so many benefits while you design your wooden homes or, any other prefab homes!

It's hard to adjust all the time but, it's all about your home's perfect imperfections! Building a prefab home, an eco- friendly home and a neat and genuinely clean one must be the key because, if you want to go someplace, anyplace all of a sudden, you'll exactly know where's what without damaging your own property!

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Wednesday, 15 March 2017

5 Points to be kept in mind before buying a container house under 100k

Haters are gonna hate but, you must go on! Yes, many may say how not- so- great- an- idea it is to build yourself a container house. But, it's the in- thing, probably forever! It's one of the most eco- friendly houses in Bangalore and are efficient, affordable homes which are available in no time and you don't have to put too much effort in it too! However, keep in mind 5 points before buying your shipping container home under 100k:

Build a container home post looking into the location: Sometimes, people who want to build containers forget the fact that it might be a task for builders to transport your shipping container homes. It's a nightmare if your container cannot be shipped at your location due to issues like space. Pick a location or design which can fit through the route of your container house. Save up money by not renting out trucks

Container homes under 100k

Low budget containers: Assuming your budget of building a container prefab homes under 100k, avoid going for a fresh container. There are several shipping container homes which can be recycled and are in great condition- all you have to do is, see it for yourself, look out for glitches like rusts, molds and so on. If you cannot go look at one yourself, look out for a source which is trustworthy and buy your shipping container home. Or, if you choose to opt for a new container home, you can always change the layout, design and so on. It'll become less expensive than before
Don't cut containers too much: Maintain your container's structural integrity by not cutting them down too much. Remember, container homes are made from steel- cutting steel is very expensive and is a wastage too! It does not make sense to make your home smaller- keep it spacious, keep it big!

Plan out your container- don't rush into it: It should be a dream for you- to build an affordable container home. If you do not believe in your dream, you're got going to be able to achieve it! Yes, containers can be hard but, they're beautiful, customized homes with energy- efficiency too. Make a rough sketch of what you want- the design and this and that and then go to a great architect!

Think about the budget: Money makes things happen. However, if you choose a good contractor, builder, and architect, you can definitely save up on a lot. Once the container is built, don't worry, the maintenance, insulation and other costs are little or nothing!

There are several other things you need to look into like the location you're living in- if it's always raining there and moist since forever, it's definitely not the destination you want to build a container house and so on. 

It's all about what you want from your container and whether you're getting it. However, container homes are the best- it's lie living in a box!

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Sunday, 19 February 2017

How Financing Prefabricated Houses Work

The first and foremost thing you must do before looking into the land, the designs and so on is to know exactly what your budget is. Once you're away of the number you are comfortable with, the next step comes up- finding financing. 2 ways come under finding financing- one being, self-financing or financing via a lending institution.

Self- financing- It's the cheapest and simplest way to make things work just for you. But, most of us, the common people do not have money in their bank accounts or at home. However, you still want to build yourself wonderful prefabricated homes India. You can also go for the option to take out money out of mortgages on your existing home or opting for a housing loan.

Lending institutions- It's usually the 2nd option we all would probably go for. Here, you can take a loan of the required amount from lending institutions like a credit union or a bank! You won't be sanctioned a loan from the bank until they're confident about the fact you are capable of paying them back the amount with time. Learn more by doing enough research about mortgaging and taking up bank loans!

Know more and understand mortgages- Taking out a mortgage is like taking a loan from the bank and using your very own home as a collateral. That way, if, for instance, you are unable to pay back the bank the amount, the bank shall minimize your losses by taking away that part of your land then, selling it off! 

Be smart, make sure your savings are good enough to build yourself your dream eco- friendly homes in Bangalore, India- the IT hub of India. Bangalore is just the right choice you can settle down in because of it's weather, employment opportunities and so on. Wooden homes Bangalore, shipping container homes are other affordable homes you can go for. Or, you can mortgage out your home or go for home loans! However, it's always the best to mortgage out a part of your home or have enough funds to build yourself your home. Taking loans is like being at the gun point at all times- terrible!

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Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Prefabricated Homes VS Manufactured Homes

Here The difference between prefabricated homes and manufactured homes:

When it comes to different kinds of houses, there can be confusions with regard to what kind must be built. We're here to give you clarity with regard to manufactured and prefab homes. 

Prefabricated homes:

Prefabricated homes or houses are casually called prefab homes. When it comes to prefab homes, most of the work is don off- site, preventing pollution to a great extent. When it comes to prefab building, there are several homes which come under it- wooden homes, container homes, prefab cottages and more! It's cheaper to build these homes as there's no wastage of materials, there's not much labor cost and time consumed. Above all, prefab building take care of everything- the plumbing, attachment of cabinets, sinks and more- everything is done by your prefab home builder. They have their own reasons like- the connections may have to be done prior to the set- up. This implies less money being spent from your wallet!

Manufactured homes are also built off- site- no construction takes place on- site. They mostly build steel structures homes, steel frames which are shipped on their wheels. Also, these homes don't age very soon and are open to any maintenance problems and are considered to be like a house arrest sort of a scenario if you plan on living in it!

The difference:

Building codes- Prefabricated homes have to go through multiple quality checks before they're open for their customers to live in. On the other hand, manufactured homes have a very lenient HUD checks, which cannot be trusted much

Building limitations:

Prefab building is very diverse, creative, customizable to any extent. However, manufactured homes have not developed too that extent- they're still limited, stuck with the basics


Prefab homes concentrate on styling with sustainability, biggest example being wooden homes! They're lovely to look at and eco- friendly too. Manufactured homes haven't even reached close to that


FEMA says that prefab homes stand very well in extreme weather conditions. Manufactured homes are built with factory precision using 25% extra material in comparison to prefab homes

To be honest, prefabricated houses are just the right homes to be built in today's time- they're eco- friendly, unique and customizable homes with a lot more within it. What more do you need? Above all, they are affordable homes, saving a lot of space to build more prefabricated homes in Bangalore and other cities in India.

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Monday, 13 February 2017

How To Build Shipping Container Homes in Less Money

One of the major reasons behind why people prefer building shipping container homes over the rest because they can b built at the cheapest rates- it's like, you can even build container homes under 50k!

However, it's not about the money! There are several other reasons behind why you must move to a shipping container home right away like, they're eco- friendly homes and more!

If you want to learn how to build yourself a sassy home as well as save you money, here's all you need to do-

1. Plan things out: 

It's crucial for you to plan out your container house's construction. Especially, when you have a tight budget with great expectations, you must plan things out. If not, how will you know the progress and expenses while building your dream home? In the end, you'll be clueless! You need to look into 2 key factors while building yourself your container home-
Planning out your budget- Know how much money you can afford to spend on your new home
Have clarity with regard to what you need to be built- For instance, how many bedrooms do you need?
Only thorough planning will help you succeed in planning and building your container house under 10k.

2. Try not making major or silly mistakes:

Losing money is easy but, earning money is the hard part! Making silly mistakes like removing more steel than required from your container during modification is way beyond silly! You know why? Because, people who do so, lack planning and basic idea about container homes- they just give a shot in the air and obviously, it doesn't work out! 
Guess what, there's nothing worse than wasting materials and money in a low budget container prefab homes- it's just sad.

3. Which are the cheapest containers for building?

The very purchasing of the container is the most expensive investment of all. What if you would buy a used container home? It's definitely a great idea- unless, you check the container yourself and make sure everything's okay! 

However, it's definitely the best option to buy a new container home as it's unused- kept out of trouble! Look into it and, choose whatever you wish to.

4. Cautious expenditure of money: 

Remember, never try to save money on structural components! Building materials for the roof for instance, can be like metal to reduce maintenance costs! Also, the paints you choose, the decor and so on determine your expenses.

5. Use home materials: 

Well, for instance, prefabricated houses in India or wooden homes will be great for India  just like container homes because the raw materials available here are very affordable and from home- there's no importing of materials happening, making it affordable! If the case was Vice-Versa, the transportation fee, currency amount and so on are going to make the amount 3* more than the home materials!

6. Keep track of every Rupee you spend: 

Remember to have a spreadsheet and o not forget to update it each time you buy something with regard to your container house! If you do not do so, expect unexpected expenses as you will not have track of the money you have and you've actually spent!

Save money, build yourself your container house in under 50k and see how beautiful it turns out! It's worth the shot, definitely.

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Wednesday, 8 February 2017

The Busy Homeowner's Prefab Construction Timeline

Before the construction scenario begins for your prefabricated home, there are some things you need to make sure are done so that your dream prefab home is built on a 'good' plot of land. 
Following are the things you need to keep in mind and get done to make sure all's okay:

    • Due diligence on your site
    • Exploratory digging
    • Research with regard to soil
    • Conduction of a perc test


The Pre- Set Day phase:

While your prefabricated house is being constructed off- site by your builder, manufacturer, your GC crew will be working towards preparation of the delivery of your home and for the set- up process. There's a lot to work on which your builder shall tell you about.
  • Clearly marking out your property boundaries
  • The level of the build area
  • Clearing out the building area by getting rid of plants, trees or large rocks too
  • Three weeks before the set- up day arrives:
  • Designation and clearance of an are for an unpaved driveway for trucks and other vehicles to come in and for the usage of the crane
  • Digging of the foundation of your prefabricated house is done and any other on- site projects are taken care of like a porch or garage
  • Two weeks before the set- up day arrives:
  • Installation of the foundation
  • Installation of electric, plumbing, gas and several other things which will have to run through your prefab home's foundation
  • Inspection of the foundation
  • Fixing things before the next step as it'll be very expensive for you to fix things underneath post your prefab home set- up
  • One week before the set- up day:
  • Installation of footing drains
  • Installation of a sill plate
  • Pouring the foundation
  • Another inspection of the foundation
  • Waterproofing test
  • Drainage test

The Post Set- Day Time Phase:

Now that all's okay, the home's been delivered set- up and so on, it's time to make sure your prefabricated houses work as fully functioning homes. Even prefab homes need a bit of on- site work. Follow this timeline which may vary from one home to another:

First-week post set- up:

  • Weatherproofing of your prefab home
  • Begin working on exterior aspects of your prefab homes like garages, porches
  • Getting rid of temporary framing
  • Connection of utilities between modules
  • Building basement stairs
  • Second-week post set- up:
  • Connection of utilities to the grid
  • Testing utilities
  • Working on interior decoration
  • Third-week post set- up:
  • Carpeting your prefab home
  • Final inspection
  • Touch- ups on walls, repainting and so on
  • Fourth-week post set- up:
  • Completion of on- site work
  • Make final changes, if necessary

Finally, enjoy your dream Preb home and live peacefully. All this also applies to other kinds of prefab homes like wooden homes, prefab cottages and container homes!


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Sunday, 5 February 2017

Top 3 Major Challenges Faced by Prefabricated Homes

Although, prefabricated homes are just the right choice for each and every household to switch to, there are several issues faced by this product. Yes, it has room for customization, there are several types of prefab homes like container homes, wooden homes and so on. However, somewhere down the line, the world is not being able to see it's beauty- how beneficial it is to build wooden homes all across the globe, for instance and so on.

In this blog, we're going to face major challenges faced by prefab home builders and how we can possibly overcome them.

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1. Lack of consumer awareness:

How many of you even knew the fact that a term called 'prefab homes' existed all this time? Barely any in countries like India and so on. That's the point. Prefab homes are the best we have right now in the construction industry. Why not inspire all or make them away of the idea? This housing style has been in existence since a long time now. Yet, countries like India are still struggling to own prefabricated houses in India. AS builders, you must make your audience aware of the beauty of prefab homes. Tell them this-
  1. Prefabricated houses are eco- friendly houses. Why not build eco- friendly houses in India?
  2. They're well- insulated and ventilated and are very durable too. In fact, they can overcome hurricanes too
  3. There's room for customization at cheap rates
  4. Prefab homes do not take much time to be set up. In fact, they go through 35+ quality checks, making sure you live safe, unlike conventional homes
  5. Container homes, wooden homes and so on are a few types one can choose from. They're unique and not too space consuming, saving up huge costs like that of land and building
  6. They're energy- efficient homes which are very cozy!
  7. What more do you need? Affordability, aesthetic finishes and eco- friendliness.

2. Solves space constraints in larger cities: 

Take India, for instance. Prefabricated houses in Bangalore are just perfect! Reasons being, they solve major issues like that of space available, pollution and so on. In fact, with prefab building, you can build spacious homes with space left outside for a small pool or playground too! Above all, they are affordable and do not take much time to be set up. Also, they resolve the problem of pollution and wastage to a great extent!

3. Perks of prefab building: 

Not only variety comes in the picture but, several other perks come wit prefab construction. Container homes are built from recycled cargoes, preventing major wastage of steel and several other materials. Also, wooden homes make sure old trees are cut down, which provide with little oxygen. Instead, new trees are planted. Also, since most of the work is done off- site, pollution and wastage of raw materials are preventing, making sure you pay less even though, your home is customized. Above all, it works towards sustainable development, making this world a better place to live in.

Build your dream home using prefab construction, see the change in you and the coming generations. Remember, it starts from you. So, inspire all!


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Monday, 23 January 2017

How To Build A Prefabricated House

The most overlooked advantage of prefab building is how quickly a home can be open for the client to live in. Usually, it takes about 6 weeks to complete a full- fledged prefabricated home. However, it completely depends upon the infrastructure of the modular home- how big, complicated it is and so on. 

This doesn't mean that your home will be open for you to live in within 6 weeks. Here's a list of tasks you need to fulfill before actually beginning with the construction of the house. 

Phase 1 – Planning – takes about 1-2 months

Getting financing- There are a lot of things you need to do with-in this one task. Things like getting a prequalified estimate, comparing rates, applying for loans, etc., getting approval, setting up a disbursement schedule, closing your loan and so on come into the picture. You need to do a great amount of research as to how much can you spend or how much will your loan approximately come down to, the interest rates of each bank for a home loan, which one to choose, which one not to, etc. Also, once all that is decided upon, closing the loan comes into the picture. It's a complex matter to think about. However, it's the most simple way to put it across to you. Just be clear about the funds!

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Finding land- Next on, comes finding the right location. Think carefully, ask yourself and your family several questions like where they would like to live, the facilities around, locality, availability of schools, other individuals and so on. Also, try not picking up a location which is too far from your workplace or school- it's going to create major transportation issues and fuel issues, if you have a car. Try looking out for a safe locality with kids around- it brings in charm and chirpiness, keeping your life very lively and interactive. 

Getting building permits- Another major and technical task- you need to be very careful, if you miss out on even one permit, your house will not be permitted to be set- up. These permits have a very simple yet, important aim- to help you live safe and legal. Every country has it's own building permits so, do enough research or, choose the right builder who helps you out with the official bit. 

Picking a general contractor- As I mentioned earlier, the greater the contractor, the better and easier it gets to build you your home. The 'before prefab homes construction' bit is a lot more complicated for you than the latter. It's fun once it's done because of the designing, customization, etc.

Due diligence on your land-Remember, some diligence on the property is a must! Or else, get ready for some nasty surprises popping up. The kind of soil you're building your home, partial ownership rights and so on need to be looked into before going any further.

Designing your home- The fun part- design your dream home with your designer and come up with the most unique prefab home, your very own dream home, ever!

Phase 2 – Manufacture and Site Preparation – Up to 6 weeks

Manufacturing of your home- The least worrying bit for you is the manufacturing process. Most of the work is done off- site. The houses are built in factories with the help of professionals so, it's all going to be crisp!
Preparing your land for construction- This is the part where you must focus upon the energy put on your land- this helps you prep the site so that your house can be delivered at it's destination on time! 
Pouring the foundation- This is the foundation on which your house is going to get laid out on. You need to be about which material it is. 

Phase 3 – Construction – Another 6 weeks

Delivery and set of the modules- The home is finally delivered at it's destination. However, there's some more to do- the setting up of the home, unloading of the parts and so on. The time taken varies from the size of the prefabricated house.
Buttoning up- Finally, the manufacturer's job is over. Tasks, like repairing the shipping damages interior finishing, connecting the modules and finishing the unfinished area, comes into the picture!
Inspections- Here, your house needs to go through multiple quality checks just to make sure that you live a safe life!

There are several prefabricated homes builders and architects and so on who work hand in hand just to help you build you your dream home. All you need to do is plan out your bit and do enough research over it!


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